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Our Bulgarian adventure in Plovdiv has begun!
After the preview presentation of the show on May 24th in Pontelagoscuro (Fe), from June 1st to 10th the show for open spaces Domino  will be in Bulgaria in Plovdiv, European Capital of Culture 2019, as an active part and founding element by Odyssée Karavana, an international theatrical project of thirteen companies that will cross Europe to highlight the need for dialogue and for the overcoming of material and immaterial boundaries.
The over two hundred artists and technicians of Odyssée Karavana, a project promoted by CITI – Center International pour les Théâtres Itinérants and departed from Villeneuve-lès-Avignon In France, will converge in four key points: Plovdiv in Bulgaria, Ferrara in Italy, Thessaloniki in Greece and Brussels in Belgium. Here the caravan will end its journey with an international conference in August 2019 within the Théâtres Nomades Festival, after meeting over 20,000 spectators on its tour of 25 shows and performances, including Domino from Teatro Nucleo, the only Italian company.
Odyssée Karavana collects the historical legacy of Caravan MIR, the extraordinary trans-European tour that exactly thirty years ago involved over two hundred artists in a traveling theater festival, from Moscow to Paris, traveling in Europe  from east to west  Berlin, which was demolished six months after the end of the tour.
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Bulgaria is only the first step of Domino’s European tour, which during the summer will also be on stage in Germany (Sommerwerft Theater Festival, Frankfurt) and Denmark (Waves Festival, Vordingborg). With Domino, directed by Natasha Czertok, Teatro Nucleo  – strong of forty years of history in the streets, squares and theaters – starts again with an international tour supported by MiBAC, the Emilia Romagna Region and the Italian Cultural Institute of Sofia: “Today, Thirty years after the fall of the Wall, we want to turn the spotlight on the new social boundaries and on the concrete, slow and gradual loss of freedom of thought “says the director,   “Domino is a classic show,   in the ancient meaning: a ritual of encounter and clash with issues that too often our society refuses to deal with “.

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