Directed by: Natasha Czertok
Playwriting: Natasha Czertok e Greta Marzano
On the stage: Greta Marzano (Ginestra – Scotch Broom), Martina Pagliucoli (Sofronia – Sophronia)
Off Voice: Natasha Czertok

inthebottleOn the stage of In the Bottle! two characters collide: the first is Ginestra Verdura (Scotch Broom Vegetables), an eccentric scientist, expert in separate collection, coming with her arsenal of colorful bags to explain to the children how to separate household waste materials.
Her work is interrupted by the arrival of a second character who, without any regard, begins to spread garbage and objects of all kinds everywhere. The bizarre lady, equipped with a broom and black bags, is none other than Sofronia Buttatutto (Sophronia Throweverything), official street sweeper of Leonia City.
The conflict between them – the hyper-consumerism sweeper and the pedantic/know-it-all ecologist, both emblems of more than ever urgent and current contradictions – soon becomes inevitable and, to be solved, the help of the children, the lucky discovery of a mysterious message and the garbage itself (that nobody wants to deal with) will become necessary.

The play In the Bottle! is part of the project “Obsoleta – Theatre for the Environment”

Obsoleta is a project of pedagogy and theatre production for children, focusing on the idea that the environment cannot be considered an unlimited space and that the planet’s resources are not infinite. The intense and not always predictable acceleration of political, ideological, economic, cultural and environmental changes of our age, the limits of development are the reference framework within which the environmental education moves.

Therefore, the investment of energy is one of the possible ways to be taken to understand the complexity of reality and to become aware of the need to change the relationship between man and nature, moving from a worldview that recognizes the man as dominator/ruler of the nature, to a different vision that figures up the future of mankind as inseparable part of the future of the nature.
These reflections outline new training aims, which favor the perception, the analysis and the understanding of the changes, in order to become conscious citizens and responsible for themselves, for the environment and for the community that does not have to be considered simply as a company they belong, but also as a planet.

“We have to inscribe inside us an ecological conscience.
Knowing the consubstantial bond that links everybody with the biosphere
leads us to abandon the promethean dream
to rule the universe.
On the contrary,
the ambition for conviviality on Earth has to be nourished. ”

From 2012, within the project Obsoleta, some plays were brought on stage: In the bottle !, which deals with the recycling of waste, inspired by Leonia, one of the “Città Invisibili – Invisible Cities” by Italo Calvino and “Chenditrì – Candy Tree” inspired by the drama “The exception and the rule” by Bertolt Brecht and the video documentary “Land Rush” by H. Berkeley and O. Lewat, in which the language of the fable is used, shadows and sceneries were entirely made from recycled materials, one of the most hidden faces of today’s global exploitation: that of agricultural resources. Both plays were produced in collaboration with the project Ricicl’Arte Ferrara.