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November 9-11 Teatro Nucleo in Pecs (Hungary)

Organized by the Ures Ter Theater (Empty Space) at the Pecs National Theater (Hungary), Horacio Czertok will hold a workshop on the methodology of the Teatro Nucleo from November 8 to 11, for the students of the Theater School and other interested parties. Also at the National Theater of Pecs on November 9th and 10th the Teatro Nucleo will present the show Il Mio Vicino written and directed by Horacio Czertok. The relationships between Nucleo and Ures Ter are long-standing, they initially developed around the theater activity in prison: operators of the Ures Ter attended as trainees the theater laboratory of the Nucleo at the prison of Ferrara, to acquire the methodology with the which they then founded the theater in the prison of Pecs. Together they have collaborated over the years in European partnerships.
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