International exchange projects with Argentina by Teatro Nucleo and the non-profit organisation Verso Sud continue

It is called “A bridge between the Po and the Plata – Theater for Inclusion” and it is the ambitious project that Cora Herrendorf, teacher, director and founder of Teatro Nucleo, will bring to Argentina in the coming months.

The international project aims at including, in one single theatrical production for open spaces, various communities of immigrants who settled in Argentina, where they have been living for several generations. The far-reaching project foresees the establishment of several institutional and artistic partnerships, with the objective of debuting overseas in 2016.

The trip to Argentina will lay the foundations for a large production coordinated by the director through a participated approach, which will include different European cultures migrated to Latin America. The underlying keyword is inclusion and the main purpose is to gather these realities in one single project which will portray how these cultures contaminated each other in imagining and building what is now a nation state: Argentina. The project will involve Italian, Jewish and Spanish cultural associations in the first year. It is, however, a work in progress that will see the increasing engagement of additional Cultural Institutes.


Cora Herrendorf has scheduled many meetings at multiple levels in Buenos Aires. The first international branch of Cett will be inaugurated.

The School for Theatre Workers in the Social Sector, established in Ferrara in 2001, lands in Buenos Aires and opens its office in the Argentinian capital in cooperation with the “Foro de Salud Mental” (Centre for Mental Health) as well as other institutions and organisations working on the topic.

The journey will also be the opportunity to agree on a Spanish language edition of the book by Horacio Czertok “Teatro in Esilio” (“Theater of Exile”), which thus achieves its sixth edition – two published in Italy by Bulzoni and Editoria&Spettacolo, one in Germany by Brandes&Aspel, one in Hungary by Kijarat and the quite recent English language edition by Routledge. The provisional title for the Spanish translation is “Teatro del Destierro”.


The relationship between Ferrara and Buenos Aires began in 2004, when Teatro Nucleo, invited to present the performance “Quijote” by the Italian Cultural Institute in Buenos Aires and the Municipality of Buenos Aires, with the sponsorship by Emilia Romagna region, laid the foundations for the two becoming sister cities. Since then, collaborations between Teatro Nucleo and Argentinian cultural and institutional representatives have deepened and continued without interruption with productions and educational projects characterised by an international flair. Specifically, it is worth mentioning Grupo Amplio Salvatablas, which works in Argentina on the application, respect and exercise of human rights also through theatre practice. Teatro Nucleo has the opportunity to exchange experiences and methodologies in this partnership established by Horacio Czertok, who is also the director of the Prison Theater in Ferrara (Teatro della Casa Circondariale di Ferrara).


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Press Office Teatro Nucleo / Teatro Julio Cortazar