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After three years the Teatro Nucleo returns to the North of Argentina, to Catamarca at the invitation of the Comedia Municipal de San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, directed by Idangel Betancourt, and of the Grupo de Teatro Independiente Los Constructores directed by Marité Pompei, and La Rioja thanks to collaboration between “Los Constructores” and the independent company “Kamar”.
Here, in La Rioja, at the “La canoa de papel” theater, home to “Kamar”, Horacio Czertok will present the monologue CONTRA GIGANTES on 9/10 December. “The Giants” that the founder of Teatro Nucleo denounces are the metaphor of the forces that hinder the transformation and that he meets in many, different, areas, from culture to society.
Horacio Czertok describes them and fights them in a pièce in which the Argentine political exile joins the experience of personal life to episodes of Don Quixote, the wandering knight protagonist of the masterpiece of world literature written by Miguel Cervantes in the early 1600s.
The Don Quixote of Contra gigantes, with which Horacio Czertok has crossed streets and squares all over the world, also arrives at La Rioja, to tell  that the theater operates in reality, and helps to transform it.
On December 12th and 13th in Catamarca Czertok will hold a seminar on the history and techniques of the Teatro Nucleo in the field of social theater, which will take place at the Teatro del Sur, in collaboration with the Municipality of San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca – Office Education and culture, and with the University of Catamarca, Faculty of Human Sciences.
The collaboration with the University of Catamarca and with the theatrical realities of the area dates back to 2012 when Antonio Tassinari and Cora Herrendorf were called to direct a laboratory for the training of actors and directors of the Theater for Open Spaces. Since then there have been several opportunities for collaboration as can be read in the page dedicated to the Argentine Project

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