Totem Zero gravity


Circus, as well as dance, purpose a different use of the body from the one of everyday life. Beyond the abilities and th acts he does, circus artist throug its gestures is able to evoke associations, open glimmers, accompany us in a light and dreamlike world. The awareness of this potentialities is growing up more and more and different kind of circus are spreading wide. We talk about contemporary circus, theatre-circus when we participate to circus performances that lie outside the classical presentation of the act. These performances may take place not only under a chapiteu, their attractive doesn’t stay only in the technical abilities of the artists but also in their capacity to create an empatic link with the audience, rather than a proper story.

Ironcs and dreamlike these show aim to tell sories throug smiles and somersaults recovering the intimate meaning of produce shows: describe the present, but with different colours.

This review wants to be a moment that permit to share deep experiences in a transversal way. It calls on children as well as adults, to the italians as well to the foreigners. After all who doesn’t like dreaming?


All the performances will take place on sunday at 17:30.

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