The project

For the second consecutive year, Teatro Nucleo opens its doors to the children of nursery and primary school, proposing theatre morning replicas in collaboration with comprehensive instiutes of Ferrara.

Theatre, interactive approach of different languages, configures as a precious formative toll, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary.

Moreover, the theatre toll opens new possibilities of immagination through the live expression of stories and thematics, creating interaction between actors and spectators.

For this reason, at the end of the shows moment of dialogue will be purposed open to questions and reflections about themes and languages that have been used.

The istutes involved till now are the primary schools of Malborghetto, Francolino, Pontelagoscuro, “Bombonati”, “Don Milani” and the secondary school “Tasso”.

The 2015/16 calendar hosted the participation of Teatro Ridotto from Bologna with the show “Mr Kite and Olga the cloud” inspired by the omonimous book by Nicoletta Costa; Officina A_ctuar with “ The indispensable dream of Cosimo Piovasco di Rondò” freely inspired on “The Baron in the Trees” by Itlao Calvino and the resident company Teatro Nucleo with “In the Bottle!”, a show that born on the metaphor of Leonia, one of the “Invisible Cities” by Italo Calvino.

The shows are accompained by a preparatory didactical purpose, agreed with the teacher of reference of each institute.