Dance theatre

 Dance theatre – workshop leaded by Natasha Czertok

This workshop explores the possibilities and the resources linked to the movement and to the work with the body, in the ambit of the actor’s training and with a focus on the development of the individual’s creative potential in relationship with the space (incorporeal-internal, real-external). Phisical training is based on the principles of the work on body elborated by J. Grotowski, on principles coming from contemporary dance and Butoh, on the relationship with the space. This stage is aimed to give useful tools to everyone who wants to enhance his body comunicability, explore non verbal theatre. It is at the same time a playful and deep approach to the knowledge of the body and of its expressive potentialities.

Main thematic areas:

  • Body preparation (warming up on ground and in the space, quality of movement, scenical presence, neutrality)
  • corporeal sensoriality (contact with the phisical sensations and emotions on a sensorial level)
  • the body on stage (space, times, group / single / relationships)
  • Theatrical gestrure (connections between word and gesture, decomposition, and economy of movements, undertexts, intentions)
  • the music on stage (different kind onf conscious use)
  • composition (imporvvisation, individual creation, pair creation, group creation, tools for direction, relationship with urban and non conventional spaces)

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