Advanced Training Course
aimed at training actors and actresses who will participate in the productions and theater projects of the Teatro Nucleo



“Every actor is an athlete of the soul, he must believe in the materiality of the soul”. Antonin Artaud




Atleti dell’anima focuses on techniques and methodologies developed by Teatro Nucleo for the creation of dramaturgy and choreographic scores, a place where to experiment with processes of stage creation developed over decades of production and training and in different fields: research theater, pedagogy, work in social.

Teatro Nucleo, founded in 1974 in Buenos Aires (Argentina) by Cora Herrendorf and Horacio Czertok under the first name of Comuna Nucleo and settled permanently in Ferrara in 1978, is now a composite reality where different artistic projects operate in the city, at national and international levels, a theatre cooperative where the founders and the new generations of actors and directors work in synergy with other associations and institutions. He sees theatre as an instrument of transformation. It focuses its attention on the relationship that is created between actors and the public, taking care of the most intimate aspects. This is a transversal perspective that permeates its action: in production, in training, in artistic direction.
It comes from the tradition that begins with Stanislavskij, Mejerchol’d, Vachtangov and Strasberg on the study of emotion, of “truth”, of the physicality of the actor and of the character feeding also of the researches on the study of psychodrama theorized by Moreno and deepened since the 60s in Latin America by multiple scholars.
It receives new horizons with the teachings of Artaud, Grotowsky, the Living Theatre and the Odin Teatret, which it then has elaborated over the years integrating with new suggestions from the body mime, contemporary dance, the Commedia dell’arte and other languages.

In search of actors and actresses who “never repeat the same gesture twice, move between the forms, make the space alive and multiform“.

The space of pedagogy is extremely important for us, it is the place where we experiment, look for solutions, make ideas visible and material. It is the place of the transmission of experience and where you learn the experience of other human beings. It is the place where truth is sought, where fragility is made possible, where the soul is discovered and takes shape. Where you tune into common projects.

The course will last from February and June for a total of 240 hours.

The course moves around some basic principles that should be understood as “containers” from which to draw in the laboratory:
The preparation of the body understood as a complex body-mind-voice-breath system;
Elements of physical theater, contemporary dance, Butoh, dance theater, work on the voice, work on the text, improvisation;
Individual and group choreographic composition;
The relationship with theatrical space as a whole and with urban spaces;
The city, the body, the ability to listen;
The urban environment and the natural environment as places of research, exploration, vision.

At the end of the course there will be a theatrical show that will be presented as part of the widespread festival Totem Scene Urbane in June 2023.
Actors and actresses will also be identified for the new productions of the Company.