RIOTE is the acronym of Rural and Inclusive Outdoor Theatre Education, a project born in the framework of the strategic partnerships Erasmus+ Key Action 2. From the beginning the aim has been to promote Street Theatre in Europe, especially as a social and educational tool to be applied in rural environments. The third edition of the project, called RIOTE3, is currently underway.
RIOTE 3 Erasmus + KA2 started in October 2020 and will last 24 months. The partnership consists of: Shoshin Theatre Association (Romania), UtcaSzAK (Hungary, Budapest), SINUM Theatre Association (Hungary, Pécs as coordinator), Kud Ljud (Slovenia), Teatro Nucleo (Italy), Protagon e. V. (Germany), Une idée dans l’air (France), Take Art Ltd (United Kingdom).

RIOTE 3 aims to intensify the exchange of knowledge and skills between performing arts organisations involved in adult education through outdoor theatre and other adult education practices developed in rural areas.
Adult education through outdoor performing arts can revitalize culture in socially marginalized environments by proposing a dialogical approach, foster the emergence of critical thinking – thus revealing the social problems of the areas concerned -, trigger social change, increase interactive cultural exchanges, strengthen the sense of belonging to a community through a collective and collaborative pedagogical process.
The international network created during the three editions of RIOTE has a long-term perspective: the creation of the first European Rural Tourism Network.