An independent theatre, a permanent laboratory, which for over 50 years has been involved in research on the art of the actor | training of actors and directors | community theatre | promotion of street theatre as an independent art | theatre projects in social | theatre in prison | theatre in mental health | theatre in urban culture | professional training for social and health workers | theatre pedagogy for young people and children | conferences, internships, workshops.
Teatro Nucleo sees theatre as an instrument of evolution for both the spectator and the actor. It focuses its attention on the relationship created between them, taking care of their most intimate aspects. This transversal perspective permeates its action in productions, in training, in artistic direction. He does not see a preferential audience, he identifies the human being of any gender, ethnicity, age, social class as a possible interlocutor. From an imperative of elementary justice and from the idea that in these very people it is possible to find new lymph and new meaning in art, Teatro Nucleo is pushed to pay great attention to all those excluded from artistic fruition and production. Its constant search for a language that is as universal as possible oriented by the motto: now and here!