A Teatro Nucleo production
with the support of Regione Emilia-Romagna e MiC

Written and directed by Marco Luciano and Natasha Czertok

On stage Adokou Kokouvi Zambé, Giulio Belletti, Mattia Biasotti, Lisa Bonini, Francesca Caselli, Stefano Del Biondo, Giovanna Latella, Agata Marchi, Martina Mastroviti, Gaia Pellegrino, Giulia Provenzano, Priscila Saldana, Giovanni Simiele

Costumes by Josephin Berger


«But our mechanical genius just started yesterday, while floral mechanics have been in operation for thousands of years. When the flower appeared on our planet, it found no model to imitate; had to do everything alone»

Starting from the study of the scientific-poetic text by Maurice Maeterlinck “The intelligence of flowers” we started a new creative research, a group show for open spaces.
The show wants to investigate the rebellious and silent life of the plant world with the instruments of poetry, song, image: in general indifference, flowers organize their slow but inexorable revolution made of beauty, perfume, charm.

«The plant world, which is so peaceful, resigned, in which everything evokes obedience, recollection, is
on the contrary the one that turns against destiny in the most obstinate way. […] It is not only in
the seed or flower, but in the whole plant, stems, leaves, roots, that can be discovered, bending over their humble work, numerous traces of a shrewd and living intelligence»

The flower gives man a prodigious example of insubordination, courage, perseverance and ingenuity.
If we use half the energy that any flower, that grew on a sidewalk, to relieve us of the various needs that afflict us, such as pain, aging and death, we might well hope that our fate would be very different from what it actually is.

The flowers represent a perfect metaphor of struggle and revolution, of resilience and foresight, of sacrifice in the name of love of life.

It is a show for open spaces with zero impact, without the use of electricity or batteries, putting the actor’s body, his voice and the poetry that he is able to create: from the staging, to the costumes and sets – entirely created with organic materials and natural fabrics, to the energy consumption of the audio-light systems, the impact is reduced to zero.

A show that investigates the themes of ecology not only from the environmental point of view but also with regard to relationships, sociality, feelings and psychological approaches necessary to live (or survive) in this ultra-capitalist time. A show capable of bringing these themes into the square, so that, around them, the cognitive and ritual process that is proper to the theater understood as the fulcrum of the experiences from the polis is generated.

This magnifying glass allows us to see the world from another perspective, and inspires us to a greater respect for the nature that surrounds us: this is a vision that permeates this new production in all its aspects.

About the show: The Language of Flowers – Teatro Nucleo


Daniele Mantovani
Alessandro Grandini
Simone Cannova

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