Teatro_Julio_Cortazar_01The Cortazar Theatre is run by the Teatro Nucleo Cooperative

As well as staging theatrical productions related to the various creative activities of the resident  group, the theatre is also home to an annual theatre event and a programme of intensive teaching activity that includes a number of permanent courses and workshops,  including those run by the School for Drama Workers in Social Care, “The Shamanic Actor” , “Atlas”, and  creative residences of young  theater and music companies.

Since 2005, a training workshop – part of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Degree Course at Ferrara University – has been conducted in the theatre by Horacio Czertok.

Since 2007, the theatre has hosted the Theatre and Community – Art and Social Transformation Forum Festival and since 2013 the “Totem Arts Festival”

Since 2007 the theatre has been home to several projects approved by the European Commission, including the Grundtvig Programme on the use of theatre in the social sphere.

Since 2010 it has been the headquarters of the Ferrara Chapter of the  Regional Theatre/Prison Coordination Body, which, together with the Emilia-Romagna regional administration, the Regional Prison Administration Board and the University of Bologna, coordinates all the theatre activities in the region’s prisons.