The workshop is aimed at children aged 11 to 16 who live in our territory. From the preferences that emerged from the students themselves during the FutureLab and ComunityLab project, a workshop path was developed in which each participant will have the opportunity to experience the disciplines of Rap and Creative Writing, Drawing and Murales, Radio transmission, all integrated in a theatrical journey that will lead to the public restitution of the work done on the theme “Space”, intended as a “place” but not just that: we want the youngest to regain possession of public space, through creative work and imagination, belonging and continuous rediscovery. We will ask participants to imagine the places that are not there or that they think should be there, guiding them through a path that is not only an analysis of the neighborhood or its spaces, but above all of the connections that exist between them, or would like to exist. By comparing places and spaces to planets and constellations, we will play to insert ourselves in the voids, create new explosions, give life to new stars.