Direction and dramaturgy Marco Luciano
Original music by Veronica Ragusa
Musical arrangements by Stefano Galassi
On stage Marco Luciano, Veronica Ragusa, Giulio Belletti, Stefano Galassi, Stefano Del Biondo
Light design by Franco Campioni
Video by Michelangelo Ingrosso


The Piccola Orchestra Pasolini is a group of actors and musicians, united by the passion for the character and works of Pier Paolo Pasolini, an intellectual and revolutionary artist, who was determined to communicate, confront and spread his ideas everywhere and with anyone. A transversal phenomenon that touched both the academic environment and the farmers of southern Italy in the 1960s and beyond, Pasolini was capable of crossing generational, political, temporal barriers.

To commemorate the highlights of Pasolini’s life and career – as a poet, director, author, playwriter and much more – we choose to celebrate his ardor, passion, love with a musical cabaret, a concert-show in which moments of striking poetic force and ironic premonitions alternate, stornelli from Roman taverns, square glasses and black loafers, accompanied by the more or less known soundtracks of the films and music by PPP. The lyrics and music are freely inspired by some of Pasolini’s most significant works in terms of direct audience involvement: Comizi d’amore, the songs written for Laura Betti and Gabriella Ferri, the poems written throughout his whole life.


About the show: P.O.P. Piccola Orchestra Pasolini eng.pdf

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