Natasha Czertok will be guest of the twenty-second edition of the Sommerwerft Internationales Theaterfestival, organized by protagon and antagon theaterAKTion.

On the 5th of August she will stage “Kashimashi” at 20:45 PM in Frankfurt ( Weseler Werft, Mainufer Frankfurt Ost)


Startseite – Sommerwerft

by and with Natasha Czertok

sound design Vincenzo Scorza and Alessandro Campioni

light design Franco Campioni

Mask Beatrice Pizzardo

Stage photo Daniele Mantovani


The actress with “Kashimashi” stage a “private bestiary” that insinuates itself, with a good dose of self-irony, into the dynamics linked to what we usually define as “normality” and to the stereotypes in which we recognize ourselves, which we reject, in which we feel forced.


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