Teatro Nucleo will be part of the joint staff training organized by Kud Ljud, in the context of the RIOTE 3 project. RIOTE 3 aims at bringing the open air site-specific theatre to people and communities from different places, specially rural environments. Saturday 28th of May, at the Tiny Theatre Festival, we will play “Fugue in Me Minor” by Marco Luciano and Veronica Ragusa. The brave and fragile love story between Arthur Rimbaud e Paul Verlaine has been the narrative pretext to the creation of the solo “Fugue in Me Minor”. A controversial, scandalous, wrong, sublime story, full of selfishness and emotional greed, paved with never written verses, bright as a child game. The story of a love on the run, or of the escape from a love. Undefined hunger, passionate thirst, boundless joy, desperate yearning for something even remotely close to their idea of freedom and poetry; two contrasting personalities locked in a tender conflict between themselves and the world, like two souls trapped in the same soap bubble looking for a way out.

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