Report from Teatro Nucleo volonteers participating at the first ODEON meeting –

LTT activity in Cyprus 23-28 MARCH 2017

The first part of the project, settled in Cyprus, has been extremely important.

We learnt how to stimulate people to learn during their whole life, using teaching methods coming from theatre,

all-ages teaching experiences or personal backgrounds and trainings, and what’s the difference between education and information:

sometimes giving information is not enough, especially when we talk about disadvantaged people,

people with mental and physical disabilities, inmates, people with low income or living in the rural areas and so on.

We got more in deep in knowing this particular kind of people and how to approach them in education.

We discovered how the Cyprus educational system works: most schools and services for disadvantaged people are private, raising funds with events or selling hand-made objects.

We learnt a lot about Cyprus itself, how does people live on the coast and in the inner part of the island, two far away words:

the industrial development of the coast doesn’t take into account the beautiful landscapes, the hystorical sites or the local population.

Most of the times the rural areas of the island are left  to themselves or cut out and people living in the inner Cyprus is exploited by industrials

that pay low salaries, give long work shifts and any chance of improvement.

One of the aims of the project, infact, is the inclusion of these people in society through a learning/teaching method

that will give self-confidence and awareness to the subject.

Self-confidence is one of the key principles for the inclusion of every disadvantaged subject and a good educational system should work very hard on this point.

It has been very interesting to compare the various learning systems, teaching methods, problems and strenghts of three deeply different countries,

and also to face different problems together with people of different ages, backgrounds and trainings.

Despite of this, we succeeded in working together and we got along during the project because we felt we had a common aim to reach.

Of course we improved a lot our knowledges about our countries, their beautiful landscapes and traditions, their good and their bad aspects.

Last but not least, we had the opportunity to improve our English.



PROGETTO ODEON LTT activity in Cyprus 22-28 March 2017

archeological visit in Paphos